Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Good with the Bad

Today I got some not-so-stellar news. Apparently I am 0.5 credits short to graduate this June. Yup kids, that's one class. One measly class that I had NO idea I was missing. If that's not bad enough, I am missing a specific course and that specific course isn't offered this spring so it's very possible that I might have to wait until Fall to take it which would push my graduation all the way until next June. I have an appointment with an academic advisor to sort it out tomorrow...possibly. I may be able to take it this summer online through another university, which would have me graduating in October. Still lame but admitedly less lame. The idea of taking one more class seems exhausting right now but it would seem I have no choice.

At the same time, I learned last night that my mom applied for a grant from the government that gives you a percentage of your tuition back and guess what: we got it! While I'm not allowed to keep it all, because I don't pay for all of my tuition (my mom and stepdad help out...a lot), I do get to pay off the rest of my plane ticket, what I owe on my iphone and half of what I have left owing on my Macbook! When I get my tax return soon I should be able to pay off the rest of my Macbook and half of my visa. This is seriously a gift from the heavens.

The thing is that these two things happened to me in a 24 hour period and I need to remind myself to be exceptionally grateful for the good and not to dwell too much on the bad. Funny story: last night we got fortune cookies and my fortune told me to focus on my long term goals. I liked it. When dinner was over I looked at all of the cookies and searched for my lucky number on one (I figured that fortune would be more cosmically perfect for me than the one I found in my cookie). That fortune said: prepare to change your plans. Well touche cookie, touche. Don't ever doubt the wisdom of the Chinese. Moral of the story is, fortune cookies really work and I am going to take these changes in stride. I am bummed about school but it happened, it's over and now I have to move on and do what has to be done. I'm super excited about my newfound fortune (see what I did there?) but I need to make sure that I don't waste it away by putting more on my visa or spending mindlessly.

I should be finding out about my job interview soon and I need to remember that if it's a dissapointment that something good which come soon and if I do get another interview that I should take the opportunity for all it's worth.

So kids, there is a little Thursday morning wisdom for you. I hope this can help you see the things going on in your life a little differently now too.


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