Thursday, 28 March 2013

Long Weekend Baby

*Jordan's parents got me these hydrangeas for Easter instead of chocolate this year after I commented on the ones his mom got. So much better. They bring so much life to my apartment!*

It's a long weekend this weekend my friends and a looonnnggg weekend it will be. Besides the obligatory family stuff I have planned for Easter, I also plan on working out, seeing a couple friends AND working on two school final projects. 

Right now I'm waiting at the library for my partner to come meet me in about an hour so we can work on our final project together. Boo to such a big project. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We're also meeting up tomorrow at 9am to work some more before I have to go to lunch for Easter with my family. I'm SO excited to eat some fish and chips. YUM. Then at night Erika, Shauna and I are seeing Spring Breakers. Mucho excited.

Saturday I have plans to go to the gym with my friend Emma in the morning and then I have to write a paper. It's five pages, due Sunday and I have barely started. It sucks having two things due at the same time. I'm trying to focus on this project and I also have a bad napping habit lately. I napped twice yesterday. That's about 4 hours when I could have (should have) been working on my paper, but didn't. Woopsie. 

Sunday is another day to work on my paper and project. Paper first I guess since it's due that night! Oye. I'm having dinner with Jordan's family that night too. So much deliciousness is in my future.

Monday I'm getting together with my partner again to finish our project. Boy are we committed. I'm glad though, it's better than getting a partner who doesn't want to make time. 

So kids, I have to finish making my notes before she gets here. I'll be drinking lots of caffeinated drinks this weekend! Have a very happy Easter and a wonderful long weekend. See you on the other side.


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