Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekend Update

So I must apologize because I missed blogging yesterday due to being stuck at school all day. I had a midterm at 7pm and by the end of it all I spent 12 hours at school. Pretty brutal. My midterm ended up being pretty dang hard but that's over now so I can move on!

Well what have I been up to lately? Friday afternoon I got mani/pedi's with my mom and sister (and baby Jackson...but he just slept haha). Friday night was spent lounging around with Jordan watching Workaholics (it's our newest obsession). We were dying of laughter.

Saturday I went out to breakfast with Erika and her family, went shopping for new jeans with Jordan (he's funny when he has no idea how to shop for himself) and then Jordan and I went to Robin's hockey game. The game was packed! We almost didn't get in because they're almost in the finals and this game decided whether they moved on. They won 5-3! It was super exciting and fun. I think we might go this Saturday but we definitely have to get our butts there earlier...like an hour earlier. Sheesh

Sunday I forced myself to finally get to the library. It sucked. I studied until dinner, which I had at Jordan's and then headed home to study even more. Such a lame-o day. Especially lame-o because I didn't even get half done which left lots for me to focus on yesterday. Stressful but now it's over.

Today I'm working 12-8 and then going home to book tickets for me and Jordan to go to Florida next month after my exams! SO EXCITED. Erika and her boyfriend are going to come too! Can't wait to get my skin back under the rays of that sunshine!

In equally exciting news (okay, maybe not equally exciting, but exciting) I am meeting with the editor of the school newspaper this week to get a little training. I'm pretty nervous. Can't wait to see how things work and if I'll get an assignment!

Well kids, that's enough for now. Enjoy your Tuesday.


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