Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was a good one. It was a nice calm before the storm. This week isn't too bad for assignments but I need to use this week to get ahead on stuff for next week because I have something in every single class (sick....)

Friday night I told Jordan I would drive him to Waterloo to hang out with the boys. I hadn't seen those silly guys in a bit so I stopped in with him. Stopping in turned into hanging around for a bit and then I ended up just saying I'd stick around until they went to the bar. Of course those lazies got their drink on a little too hard and ended up just wanting to eat burritos and then go to bed. I took them to get some food and then took Jordan home. It was nice to sit around laughing with those crazy guys.

Saturday I went shopping with my mom, went to the gym (like my hardcore face?) and then hung out with Jordan until it was time to go out with Erika. My friend Tessa's sister is getting married in August so Erika and I went to her stag and doe to support. It was fun because we actually knew quiet a few people and I ended up winning a gift card to Sears and a basket from The Body Shop. Score score score. I usually NEVER win anything so of course I went home feeling very successful!

Sunday I hung in bed getting as much reading as I could done. We had a big family dinner so it was nice to sit around with everyone and enjoy some good food. After that I hung with Jordan for a bit before I sent him home so I could read some more.

I woke up niceee and early (5am!)  to head to the gym with Erika this morning. We got a wonderful workout in, I came home and made breakfast, finished my readings and then took a nice little cat nap. Successful morning. Now I'm sitting in class half listening/mostly being tuned out because school is too close to being done. Most important time of the year = the hardest to motivate for.

Alright kiddos, back to the real world.


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