Monday, 18 March 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was a good one. The best part of it was that I had ZERO school work to do! I guess I could have done some readings or something but this week if the first one in (FOREVER) where I don't have anything due so I took this weekend of freedom and RAN with it.

Friday afternoon I had a phone interview with The Weather Network as an on-call writer. Basically I would come in any time they need me which could be because someone called in sick or because they were on vacation or because it was just a heavy news day. I reallllyy hope I get it because eventually, if all went well, it would turn into a full time gig which would be awesome! I was SO nervous but I think it went okay. I'll know if I get another interview some time this week. After that Erika and I went to get our nails done and then stopped for a quick coffee and girl talk. After that Jordan made me dinner and we saw The Call. Alright movie, nothing to get too excited over. Then we watched Workaholics until we passed out. Such a good show.

Saturday morning Jordan was dying to eat McDonald's breakfast. Pretty greasy but I joined in. We hung out for a bit before I went home to see baby Jackson, who my parents were babysitting. Jordan came over for dinner and then I dragged him to Target. OH MAN I LOVE TARGET and this was my first time being in our new Canadian ones. Happiest moments ever. They need to restock though because us Canadians have really cleared them out. We made cupcakes after that and then watched even more Workaholics. We're soooo lazy. Sorry bout it.

Sunday Jordan's mom was having a birthday brunch for his Dad. We all went to a delicious brunch and basically stuffed ourselves until we couldn't anymore. Jordan and I hung out for a while after and then I spent the rest of the afternoon and night doing absolutely nothing! It felt so good. I did my nails, watched lots of tv and played a sick amount of Temple Run (I've become re-obsessed now that I've downloaded Temple Run 2).

So that was my weekend. Lots of eating and getting ZERO done!

Today I've been working on my article for the school newspaper. Slightly stressful. The people I wanted to interview were not emailing me back but I finally got a hold of them. I had an interview this morning and I'm doing one at 4 when I get out of this class. Then I have to finish up the article and send it off. Boy, a journalist's life is go go go.

Well kiddos, I have been in this class for a half hour now and listened to nothing so I'm gonna get my head in the game...or maybe just play around on Pinterest. School is just too hard to pay attention to when you're looking at only two and a half more weeks of classes. C'est la vie.


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