Thursday, 7 March 2013

Busy Bee

Besides trying to fufill my obsession with American Horror Story, all of my school projects and attempting to get my butt back onto a gym schedule, I'm one busy, busy lady.

Yesterday I had school from 8:30 till 4, came home and enjoyed the snack and American Horror Story viewing that you have witnessed above and then headed to the gym with my friend Emma. Seriously, I love the gym. I feel so incredibly powerful there. I was doing jump squats in the mirror yesterday and I watched myself and was like "damn girl, you're one strong bee-otch." I think it's important to focus on what our bodies can do sometimes as opposed to how they look. Not to say I don't focus on how my body looks but I try to make it productive. If I find something I don't like I poke or prod it in a self depricating way before telling myself "don't worry, it will be gone soon, keep working," and then try to find something I like. Bodies are tricky business but the gym is a place where we can really appreciate our bodies because they show us just how freaking amazing they are. I don't know why I ever avoid the gym. Probably because I'm tired or feel like I'm too busy but most likely because I forget how great it feels. Okay...enough with the gym talk. What else did I do? Well, I went home, made a nice healthy dinner (side of fruit and veggies anyone?) and then took a quiz. After that I cleaned my apartment and watched another episode of American Horror Story. I LOVE TATE. I don't care if he's dead/crazy...I LOVE HIM (woah...gotta calm down now).

Anywho...I work until noon today and then I'm gonna stick around and work on a paper. I will work on this dang paper/get it done by Saturday. It is now officially a goal. Call me on it! Then at 4 I have a meeting at the school newspaper office. Mucho nervous-o. I have no idea what to expect. After that I'm going to body pump at 6:30 and then hopefully coming home to work on my paper more. See, I told you I was a busy lady!

Well, I must be off now. Wish me many productive hours of work plus some time for America Horror Story.


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