Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was so incredibly full. It was amazing.

Friday night Jordan and I skipped going out to lounge around. I had some internship stuff to finish up and he was tired from a long week of work so we hung out on the couch and got ourselves in bed by midnight. We're lazy.

Saturday we woke up and went out for breakfast. We went to a tiny diner that I've never been to. I love diners so much. So adorable and they always have the best home fries. We went back to his house and immediately fell asleep. Dang food comas. I was babysitting my sisters dog Clyde this weekend so the two of us met Tessa and went for a gorgeous walk on a nearby trail. Clyde had so much fun splashing in the creeks and getting completely covered in mud. That night we got together with friends for a bonfire. First fire of the season!

Sunday was spent working on a press release for my internship and patiently awaiting the delicious family dinner my mom slaved away on all day! After dinner Jordan and I met with Jon and Erika to walk to ice cream. After that I have a small fire at my house with a few friends.

Yesterday was a holiday so Jordan, Erika, Jon and I decided to go out for lunch. Our lunch turned into a trip to the Elora Gorge and Quarry. It was such a great adventure. We started off the day with barely any plans and ended up spending the whole day outside. Wonderful!

Today I'm sadly getting back to reality. I'm working all day and then I have a ton of work to do for my internship. This is going to be a really busy week but a bunch of us our going up to our friends cottage this weekend so we definitely have something to look forward to!

Hope you're being productive out there pal!


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