Thursday, 9 May 2013


*I'm part of the work at home crew! (It's fun!)

Obsessing over: She & Him Volume 3! I just downloaded it this morning and gosh Zooey Deschannel can do no wrong. Besides having the best album artwork that I've seen in a long time, this album has got me hooked on my first listen. I want the record now!
Working on:  my internship responsibilities! I work from home for my internship Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This has been my first week and it's been very full and very fun. It's crazy to me that I started with so little direction on Monday morning and here I am on Thursday with so much done and so much to do. I can't wait for the first article to come out and share it with you!
Thinking about: jobs. I sent out more resumes for jobs in Toronto this week and I'm really hoping to hear back soon. Gosh I never thought that a job search could take so long and be so stressful. 
Feeling: sleepy sleepy sleepy. Boy have I had a very full week. The weekend needs to get here ASAP so I can sleep in and do absolutely nothing!
Wanting: to have a very productive day today. I'm feeling a tad bit...unfocused this morning (hence me blogging right now). I think a bucket of coffee is in order to get me out of this little morning funk!
Wishing for: Jordan to just come home already! He's been gone since Monday and probably won't even be home until late tomorrow night. His new job took him up north on his second week! He's been working in cottage country and staying in a nice cottage in the woods, having fires every night and eating bbq'd food. That part I'm jealous of, the 11 hour days...not so much.

Sorry this is a day late! My day was incredibly full yesterday! I interned from 9-2. Did training videos from 2-5. Went on a jog with Tessa at 5:30. Came home, ate, wrote an article for my internship and then Erika dragged me to the gym with her! BUSY!

Well, off to chug some coffee, dance around to She & Him and then get back to work.

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