Thursday, 2 May 2013

Florida Fun

My trip to Florida was one of my favourite vacations so far! It was so fun to be with some of my favourite people and to get to enjoy the sun while everyone at home was freezing their butts off! Here are a couple of shots from the week:
Jordan and I did not start off our vacation on the best foot. We missed our connecting flight in Chicago and ended up being stuck there for six hours! That made us very late and Erika and Jon had to wait at the condo for us to get in and drive from Tampa! We finally got in at 11pm and we were all dying of starvation so we found one of the only open restaurants and devoured some food together. The rest of the week was pure perfection. We went to Busch Gardens (a theme park/zoo), we went to the beach, hung by the pool, ate delicious food, shot guns (we're officially Americans now!) and just had a good time. It was the perfect way to relax post-exams! We were all very sad to go home.

When I got home I immediately hugged my favourite family member (don't worry, he's everyone's favourite too):

I've been busy since I've been back! I worked the first two days (lame) and I finally had the day off today but I had to wake up early to have an orientation over skype for my new internship. Did I mention I got the internship!? I'm pretty excited about it. It's gonna be a lot of work but I'm really excited to do something to forward my journalism career and writing for this e-mag will be great! It's geared to women so I feel like I am an expert already haha. I start Monday so I'm kind of nervous!

Well that's what I've been up to. Relaxing and having the time of my life and then getting slapped in the face with reality and all the responsibilities that come with it!

This afternoon I'm meeting up with my friend Tessa for coffee. She's one of my dearest friends (been close since grade school) and I haven't seen her since December because she's been in British Columbia for school. Needless to say, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Enjoy your Thursday pals. The blog will be back to the normal schedule next week.


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