Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekend Update

*A lot of frozen treats were consumed this weekend*

This weekend was one of my best yet. I had no school and no work to worry about. I was a free bird and I definitely took advantage of it. 

Friday night Jordan and I went to a BBQ at Erika's house for her mom's birthday. Poor Jordan ended up being the only boy there because Erika's boyfriend had to work but we still had fun. After we came home we brewed up some coffees and cuddled up on the couch to watch Seven Pyschopaths. We love that movie.

Saturday was a wonderfully lazy day. We went to the market in the morning and I bought some beautiful flowers and even some herbs to make an herb garden. I love it! I'll share it with you soon! I was babysitting (dogsitting?) Clyde this weekend so I took him for a very long walk when I got home. It was absolutely beautiful out and so relaxing. When I got home Jordan and I went out for dinner to our favourite Thai restaurant and then out for frozen yogurt. Dee-lish. I had the night to myself after so I hung at home watching girly movies and painting my nails.

Sunday I woke up with zero plans but found my day quickly filled. I went out to breakfast with my family and then immediately after went for a bike ride with Jordan. It was so awesome! First ride of the season. We biked all around town and stopped to grab some ice cream. Jordan got bubblegum and I got Rainbow Sorbet. How funny is his ice cream choice? Silly boy. I headed to the gym right after that with Erika and we worked our butts off...literally. We're finally back to our pre-Florida stamina. I went home and showered and then picked Erika up again so we could go out for a girls dinner. It was such a good dinner. I loved seeing those ladies! After we went out for frozen yogurt. I just couldn't say no! That's right people three frozen yogurt/ice cream trips in two days. I REGRET NOTHING!

Well I have about five minutes until I will be starting my first day at my internship. It's a bit weird because it's all from home so I'm literally sitting at my desk right now in my pyjamas drinking a coffee! Talk about my kinda job! 

Wish me luck!


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