Tuesday, 4 June 2013


So I officially told Erika that I am going to Toronto for sure last night. My exact words were "I've decided to throw caution to the wind!" Followed by a dramatic hand gesture. We immediately had to talk about how excited we were and get incredibly giddy.

I cannot wait to move in with my best friend. She's the funniest and craziest person I know. I just can't wait to be able to see her every day and talk with her whenever I want and watch a constant string of girly movies and reality tv shows with her.

I've been looking through my home inspiration Pinterest board this morning in hopes of finding some cute ideas. Let me make this clear: I am not moving in with a minimalist. Last night I said "We should only bring the essentials and then pick up what we feel like we're missing the next weekend." Her reply was "NO! We bring EVERYTHING and keep it there because we need it." Ladies and gentlemen, Erika Whitehall. These are the reasons I love her. When I want to be completely crazy and unrealistic, she's the lady who supports it. Obviously I will be following her lead and overloading our apartment.

What I'm looking for are some cute storage options and ways to brighten up a renter's space. Here are some ideas that i've found:

*These crates are such a cute way to hold our front door stuff. I think the hooks will be a no go though :( *
 *I love the idea of having pieces of us all over the apartment like these pictures*
*This is such a cute way to decorate while leaving minimal holes in the wall. Well, small holes at least*
 *I just love this little table. I think a two person table would be so cute. And the colour of those chairs! Swoon! *
*Covering the fridge with pictures would be another way to get personal touches of us around the apartment*
 *I officially think I need a new bedspread*
 *I have a thing for chairs as bedside tables. If only my bed were lower*
 *If we find an apartment with exposed brick I will sign the check right there and then!*
 *I have a lot of clothes. This is a cute way to find a place for them*
 *I love so much about this! The pictures on the wall, the fan, the bedspread. I need a fan to sleep and this is such a cute set up*
 *A bedside table that's gorgeous and good for storage? I'm sold*
*I'm obsessed with this room. All of the colour comes from the decor. I love the while walls and floor with all of these pops of colour. Beautiful.*
So kids, that's what I'm thinking so far. We shall see once we start looking for apts.
Stay tuned!

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