Friday, 21 June 2013

Apartment Lusting

As you know, I'm moving in September. This will be my first time away from home (if you don't count living in the dorms in first year). I'm super excited and even though I live in an apartment in my parents basement so I basically have everything I would ever need in an apartment, I still dream of things for my new one. I'm greedy.

I've been checking out Modcloth's apartment section and finding some of the most adorable things ever!

Are you getting sick of my wish lists yet? Sorry, window shopping is my thing now.

*Oooo baby. This bird cage quilt is to.die. *
 *I'll probably start doing my makeup in my room since bathroom sharing can be tricky. I wouldn't mind as long as I had this beautiful mirror!*
 * Bad. ass. Enough said *
 * Such a pretty little detail*
 * I cannot get over this vase. It's pure perfection*
 *This is probably the most adorable way ever to store your knitting needles and balls of yarn*
 *Cozy cozy cozy*
 *So cute. I have a thing for birdcages right now..obvs*
 *I just really think I need these. They're so summer-y!*
*This is gorgeous! It reminds me of the circus. I want it!*

Well y'all, those are some of the gorgeous things I've been swooning over lately. Unfortunately I have to save my money for my rent and all those other boring necessities! Oh well, a girl can dream.


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