Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekend Update

I had the most wonderful weekend! On Friday me and my two best friends traveled to the deepest pits of Toronto to see a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 cover band. I myself am not a big Michael Jackson fan but it was for my friends birthday so it was up to her. I had a suprisingly good time given the fact that I wasn't even drinking! The energy was so cool at the club. Everyone danced to the music and no guys were coming up behind you to rub their crotch on you which is always a bonus if you ask me. It was so fun and carefree and I got to do it with my best friends.

Saturday me and the boyfriend travelled to Missisauga to spend the night in a hotel and see a play. Although the play was only okay I had so much fun getting away with him. The next day we went to Playdium (a giant arcade) and played the afternoon away. I'm pretty pathetic at most things but I beat him at motorcycle racing. Booyah. After that we saw Spiderman and the moral of that story is: I want to be Emma Stone.

It was such a wonderful weekend! Now I've got to get my head back into school work. I have an essay due this Friday, a quiz on Monday and a final exam next Friday and then I'm free!

Hope the weekend brought as many happy memories for everyone else!


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