Friday, 20 July 2012

Life Lately

Here's whats new in my life: I'm addicted to iced green tea, watermelon is by far my favourite summer snack and on Wednesday some lady rear-ended me on the highway. Yup. That just about sums it up. Wanna hear some details? Fineeee. So I was sitting in stopped traffic just minding my own business and singing along to Led Zeppelin's "Hey, Hey What Can I Do?" and just when my favourite part came on...BAM! Some lady smacked into the back of my car! I screamed in terror and we pulled over to the side. I was shaking so much and when I got out I called my sister right away and for some reason started crying. After I got over that I checked out my car...well it wasn't even my's my stepdads car. It seemed okay but the lady who hit me had a dent in her fender. Side note: my stepdads car is an overpriced, snotty little luxury car that for some reason probably makes him feel more important when he drives it but makes me feel like some elitist asshole. Two years ago about a month after he got it I was turning a corner, slid on an ice patch and hit a tree. I put a HUGE dent in the door and I thought my stepdad was going to disown me. It cost me $3,300 dollars! It took me FOREVER to pay them back. Moral of the story is...the car holds some bad juju and the lady that hit me should feel very scared to feel the wrath of the step father. Anyways...everyone was okay and we exchanged information and that was that. Highly inconvenient and unnecessary but it felt good for once to not be the cause of the destruction.

Tonight is one of my bestfriends birthdays! Me and our other best friend are going to Toronto tonight to celebrate! I'm so excited! I love the city and I'm so excited to have a girls night out on the town.

That's all for now kids. Hope my story entertained you!


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