Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sometimes I Impress Myself

And this should probably impress you to. I mean..check out this craftmanship! What's impressive is that I made it all by myself. Woot. Woot. The boyfriend was off golfing and everyone else was gone so I bit the bullet and did it myself. Actually so awesome. I know I sound like a toddler who just crossed the street on their own but hey, yah gotta enjoy these moments while yah can. I'm also very happy because my record player finally has a home and there's space for my record collection to grow!

I have an essay due this Friday which instead of working on last night I decided to start watching HBO's The Newsroom. SUCH an amazing show. It's based in a television news studio in New York City and since I worked at NBC in Kansas City last summer its incredibly interesting to me! It's also surprisingly accurate as to what news room life is like. So awesome and it really reminded me of why I want to be a television journalist. It got me so excited for the future. I don't know about you guys but sometimes it doesn't feel like the future will even happen. I forget that I have so much excitment and life ahead of me and get bogged down with my stupid daily worries. This made me want to finish my degree right now, run off to NYC and spend every second of my days working on the news. Seriously I wouldn't care if I never went home as long as I had an amazing job in the news, I would work 24/7. No lie!

Can't wait for what's to come in my life!


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