Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Today Will Forever Be Known as: Ruffle Boobs Pt II

You heard me!
Maybe I should explain myself...yesterday I wore this smashing little number:
Prettty cute huh? I know! It got "Umbrella" stuck in my head all day haha.

Today I am wearing this:

Yah see where I came up with this? GOOD! Apparently when I was shopping last weekend I wasn't feeling very original. But I don't care, so there! (That rhymed) Anywhoooo today is boring as per usual. Work is a soul sucker but I get to see my friend Tessa for coffee tonight which is awesome. I've also ran out of half of my makeup and need to restock and my hair is full on cheatah right now, therefore a box of dye is necessary.

I had an exam yesterday which I feel like I may or may not have failed. It was a document test and we had to identify it. I had no idea who wrote it so I just kind of threw a bunch of possibilities in there. "It could have been...or maybe..." On top of that, I spelt all of the author's names wrong, I was only generally in the ball park.Yeah...I don't really think that's what he was looking for but hopefully he will deciefer my madness and will see that I actually did read, I'm just not very smart haha.

Oh by the way...did I mention I like bows?
BOOM. All for you baby.

Well, I do believe I have ranted enough. I'll be on my merry way now. Tah-tah.


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