Thursday, 12 July 2012

Damn It Janet

I live in a city that is divided into three sub-cities. It sounds confusing, but in the beginning (that sounds so Biblical) there were three small towns and someone, somewhere decided they should all be molded into one big city. Therefore, I live in the city of Cambridge but we still call the town I live in Hespeler. Of all three of the towns, mine is the smallest. It's not a super small town, there's lots of people and my highschool had a lot of kids but of all the towns, Hespeler has the smallest downtown. It's basically two blocks of tiny shops. It's been building up recently with a cute coffee shop and a small vintage store and best of all, a little bitty half book, half record store! I stopped in the other day and found the one record I've been dying to have: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack! It's been spinning in my room for the past couple of days and although it feels weird to listen to it when it's not Halloween I don't care! I love it! Science Fiction Double Feature is my favourite, followed closely by Damn It Janet, Rose Paint my World and Eddie!

In other news, I've changed my blog backround. What do you think? I wish I had a couch in this pattern!

I also held my first arm party yesterday thanks to the wonderful people of Forever 21 and the fabulous Betsey Johnson. Overall, a great success:
Nothing more to share. Bye now!



  1. Your arm party is quite the hit (ok, maybe just with me, but I still love it!) My brother always listens to halloween music when its not halloween. haha. Sometimes I'm so sure I'm walking into a haunted house when I'm walking into his room ;)

    1. Well in my humble opinion Halloween IS the best holiday so consider yourself lucky! :)