Monday, 9 July 2012

I'm Back

Missouri was amazing! I had so much fun with everyone. They are so much like family to us that it feels like going home. It's beautiful.

Here are a few photos I took while in Missouri:

 How about I walk you through these, okaaayyy? Well I got my record player! Woot woot! Its beautiful and as you can see I purchased Brothers. Unfortunately I may or may not have left said record in the car. Somehow it has been scratched and the heat warped it a little bit. I'm obviously VERY new to owning records because I didn't know it could be scratched and now basically none of the songs play all the way through. Lame. But I guess I learned my lesson.I spent LOTS of time shopping and obtained many, many necklaces and bracelets. I'm obsessed. I got festive and made some strawberries, played with cats and lounged around and basically enjoyed the laid back country lifestyle. The ride home included lots of coffee and lots of this slightly unimpressed face.

Missouri was HOT, like REALLY HOT. Not used to it, but I was complaining about the heat here before I left and now it feels very cool so there's always that. We also stopped in Chicago on the way there and I will share the photos of that soon. REAL photos taken on a REAL camera, not these instagram pics you're used to. Get excited.

Missed you guys LOTS!


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