Tuesday, 5 November 2013


One of my favourite things to lust over is pictures of people's homes. My tastes fall less towards the expensive and new and are more drawn towards the interesting and eclectic. I actually hate new homes. I think they're so boring and generic. I love a good wartime bungalow and victorian house. I hope one day to find an ugly old home to completely beautify. A girl can dream. Until then….
 *I can't get over the idea of a fireplace filled with books. It's beyond beautiful*
 *So Beautiful and interesting*
 *I want to make these so bad. They're gorgeous*
 *This makes me immediately want to run around thrifting crates*
 *I'm a sucker for a good desk setup…and an exposed brick wall*
*This is the ultimate addition to my future home. I'm dying for a German Sheppard. I love big dogs and these ones are so smart…not to mention CUTE*

Happy Tuesday!


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