Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Week Off (Kind of)

So this week I've been lucky enough to randomly get the week off from my retail job. I still have to work my Associate Editor job but lucky for me that job is done from home. This has allowed me the wonderful chance to go home for the week and spend as much time as possible with Jordan. I came home Sunday night after a ridiculously long shift at La Senza (I worked 3pm-12:30am because we had to do a dreadful visual shift). And I've been soaking up my home time ever since.

From 9am until 2pm I have to do my Associate Editor job but I've been making my way to Jordan's every morning and then enjoying time with him all day. We eat breakfast together and then I curl up on the couch and begin typing and working away while he watches tv or goes on his computer or (if I'm lucky) makes me snacks haha. After I'm done we finally get to hang out, watch movies, and just be together (something we haven't got to do in what seems like forever).

I have to go back tomorrow because I work all weekend but I'm very grateful for this lazy week where I got to spend lots of time on the couch, drinking tea and getting the relaxation I so desperately needed.


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