Sunday, 24 November 2013

Home is Wherever I'm with You

This weekend has been pretty wonderful. I booked the weekend off from work so that I could help my grandparents move on Saturday and so I could get pictures done with Jordan's family today.

Friday night I didn't even get into town until 9pm but I made Jordan immediately go to our favourite thai restaurant. We went to be pretty early because we had to wake up at 6:30 the next morning.

After peeling ourselves out of bed at that ungodly hour we grabbed coffee and headed over to my grandparents apartment with my mom and stepdad. My grandparents are moving into the apartment in my parents basement (the apartment I used to live in) and it was quite the task to move them. It was a freezing cold day and we even got the first snow of the season. It was a long day but when it was finally over Jordan and I went out for frozen yogurt (I basically live to go to Menchies) and then went to see Catching Fire. I can't stress enough how obsessed I am with this movie. I can't stop thinking about it and I'm already looking to see it again. It was pure perfection.

Speaking of perfection: the wardrobe blew my mind.

I have every intention of growing my hair out and wearing only black and blue until people start confusing me with Katniss. Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing.

Today I got family photos done with Jordan's family, as we do every year. It was nothing to write home about but the brunch after was. Don't let me near a buffet ever again. I was so full that I actually took TWO naps today. My body was like "Wow girl, you ate too much. I'm going to have to shut you down because your consciousness is taking too much energy and I'll never be able to digest this MOUND of food in your stomach." And then I woke up…and had dinner a few hours later and my body was like "Are you freaking serious?!" And I lost consciousness again. Not my proudest day but I REGRET NOTHING.

Anywho…I'm dog sitting my sister's dog tonight and the two of us are spending some wonderful quality time together. We went for a snowy and cold walk this afternoon and have been cuddled up on the couch all evening. I need a dog at my apartment so I can do this every day of the week. Who doesn't want a big fury pal to cuddle up and watch tv with every night?

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine (and I hope you learned a lesson from my buffet blunders haha)


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