Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Werk It Gurl

What have I been doing lately? Working. Working. Working...oh and more working. It's all I do now.

This weekend was a good one but a busy busy busy one. I went home for class on Friday and Jordan and I were back at my apartment by Saturday morning. We went to a Toronto Blue Jays game, went out for dinner and then came home to hang out with Erika and Jon for the evening.

Since then all I've done is work. I worked Sunday afternoon. Monday and yesterday I worked both of my jobs. Associate Editor by day, seller of bras by night. I have another on-call shift tonight so that means that there's the possibility that I'll be working from 6 to 10pm. I do love money, but I hope I don't work. I really need a night off. You can probably tell I need some time off by my lack of blogging this week. I'm just too busy :( Oh and next week? WORKING AT BASICALLY ALL TIMES. I guess money will be good and maybe I can make enough to get myself a new pair of boots, or maybe some lulu lemon pants...or maybe just pay off my visa (boooringg).

Anyways, I am still at work for my Associate Editor job right now. I'm working past my hours to catch up on stuff. But I'll stop complaining now...because this blog post is pretty useless but hey, maybe someone, somewhere wants to hear my nonsense...maybe.


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