Monday, 7 October 2013


This is from one of my favourite shows: American Horror Story. The first season is a-maz-ing because of the guys above, Tate. I was pretty much obsessed with him. Sadly, the second season was no where near as amazing as the first but Evan Peters, the actor who plays Tate, was in the second season so I at least had that to keep me going. The new season starts this Wednesday! Is there anything better than watching horror movies (or shows) to get you in the mood for Halloween?

I am so tired today. I worked from 5pm until 1am last night at La Senza (which is like Victoria's Secret for all you people who aren't from Canada). We had to do a visual shift which is where you change all of the displays and move all of the merchandise around. It's always so hot and so tiring. I have to work 5pm until midnight tonight to do an inventory shift which is where people come in and count everything and generally mess up the store. Oh goody.

Have a happy Monday y'all!

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