Wednesday, 23 October 2013

One Song, Two Ways

I have an obsession with finding different versions of songs. If I fall in love with a song then I want to hear it accoustic, faster, slower, remixed...everything. It gives you a new way to fall in love with a song.

This is a song that I've been obsessed with lately:
Please ignore the random video made by some random youtube uploader.

I first heard this song when I was watching Whip It and forgot about it until last week when I looked it up on and then proceeded to play it on repeat. 

Then, while looking it up on youtube I found this:

This acoustic version features Alia Shawkat who is also in the movie with the singer Landon Pigg. Basically a Whip It reunion a la youtube.

Right now I'm pretty obsessed with the acoustic version but I suggest falling in love with the original first. 

Enjoy my little piece of musical happiness that I've dropped on you today!


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