Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Secret of the Week

This reminds me of a quote from Sex and the City:

Carrie: The longer I sat at that table, the more alone I felt. And it really hit me: I am 35 and alone!

Miranda: You are not alone.

Carrie: No, I know I have you guys, but...and really, I hate myself a little for saying this, but...it felt really sad not to have a man in my life who cares about me. No special guy to wish me happy birthday. No goddamn soulmate. And I don't even know if I belive in soulmates.

Charlotte: Don't laugh at me, but maybe we could be each others soulmates? And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with?

Samantha: Well, that sounds like a plan

I think that perfectly sums up my friendship with my two best friends. I love them.


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