Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Life Update

I wish I could tell you about my incredibly exciting weekend with lots of photos to match but sadly, my entire weekend was spent studying. OYE! I spent all of Friday night writing an essay, all of Saturday reading and all of Sunday trying to catch up with family while stressing about the time that wasn't being dedicated to studying. I made up for it with an entire night of cue card writing. When I say I studied all weekend I mean it. So rough. So exhausting. As soon as one task was finished I moved on to the next.

Yesterday I wrote an exam at night and then came home to fix up my essay before I handed it in. Today studying has not really been a priority, blame it on work...or just a burnt out mind. Whatever you wanna call it, I can't do it tonight. I worked 1-8 and now that I'm home I'm sitting in front of the tv trying to use my brain as little as possible.

Tomorrow I will be at the library by 9am where I will study until my 3:30 exam. I think that should be good enough. After the exam's done I will be free until fall when I'm taking that final class. Oh boy I cannot wait until this is done tomorrow. Then I can let go of the stress and immediately think about how I will be on my way to Florida on Saturday.

I'm sorry if I don't update as much as usual for the next little bit. I have a lot going on this week and then I'll be in Florida but I'll try my very best to pop in! If you want you can always follow along on instagram (itstaylorbrown). I can't put that app down!

Well kids, wish me luck!


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