Friday, 5 April 2013

On to the Next

Well kids, it's been a mighty busy one over here. I am officially though my busy week and on to exams. I can't even believe that this week I did two essays, a presentation and a test. I also can't believe I did it all without crying...I guess I got my freakout over during midterms. Now I'm on to focusing on final exams and work. First though I have to write an article for my internship application. They asked me to send in two sample writings from my portfolio plus write one from a list of topics that they've given me. I think I'm going to write it on the topic of finding time to workout while living a busy lifestyle. I think I have pretty good insight on that one.

Tonight Jordan and I are going out to the Keg for dinner and then seeing Evil Dead. We got a Keg giftcard and movie tickets for Easter. We obviously feel the need to redeem them immediately. This weekend I'm going to work on my article for the internship, getting some much needed workouts in and preparing for exams.

In other news, my plans to move to Toronto in September are moving along pretty well. Of course the biggest and most important aspect, finding a full time job, still remains elusive, but Erika and I are figuring lots of other stuff out. I talked to my mom and stepdad about getting more responsibility at the office this summer so that I could get more hours and we worked out a good plan. Before they said that they couldn't afford to put me as full time but now they're putting me on the task of recruiting new clients. If all goes well I'll get full time hours, bring more business in and end up with more responsibility. Having full time hours will be really important this summer because I need to save up a lot of money. On top of that Erika and I have been doing some apartment research and I don't think we'll need to pay more that $1,300 a month with utlities included. That means that we can both get away with paying only $650 each. That's alot better than the $800 without utilities included that I was expecting. Everything feels like it's becoming a little more possible. It's terrifying in so many ways but also so exciting.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


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