Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hair Revival

Sometimes life gets tough and your bills take all your money and you put off getting a haircut for months on end. Before my haircut last week I hadn't sat in the salon chair in 5 months. It was brutal.

My bangs were almost non-existent which was driving me NUTS.

Luckily my wonderful mother called me up the day before I was supposed to come home for the weekend and told me that she had made (and paid) for a last minute hair appointment for me the next day *cue choirs singing and little baby angels flying around with trumpets*

Now I have my bangs back, my dead ends gone, and I'm ready to take on the world (okay…that was a bit dramatic).

Anywhooo… in other news I'm spending the weekend trekking downtown everyday for a leadership conference that work is sending me to. I'm kind of nervous. It's hard for me to spend time with a bunch of people I don't know but hopefully I'll learn lots and have a good time!

I've also got moving on my brain! We're officially moving in 37 days. It stresses me out to look at all the crap I've brought to this apartment. Especially when I have to think about how I'm downsizing big time back to my old bedroom. Guess I better start simplifying!

Have a good weekend!


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