Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Busy Life

*Pretty colours on my desk*

I've been trying to keep myself busy lately. I find that I get a bit depressed when I sit around the apartment too much so I made a resolution to go out and enjoy myself!

Yesterday my roommate, Kristina, and I went out on a thrifting trip. I got a sweet flannel shirt and as much as she tried, she didn't find anything. Womp womp. Later that night I met up with my friend, Erica, from work and we saw Monuments Men. I always love getting to chat with her and it's good to get together outside of work where no one can tell us to stop talking and get back to work haha!

Today after I finished work I bundled up and set out for a little adventure in the city. I headed to the World's Biggest Bookstore (which it actually isn't but hey, you can't blame them for trying!) Everything is 50% because it's closing at the end of the month. So sad to see a Toronto landmark like that shut down but I'm glad I got to go! Oh and I got the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book for half price! So excited! I've been wanting it since it came out this summer.

After that I decided to just walk around the city and see where I got. I grabbed a coffee and picked a direction. I ended up walking by the old Maple Leaf Gardens arena, which is now a Loblaws grocery store. I heard it was cool to see how they'd turned an arena into a grocery store and that they'd kept some memorabilia inside. It was so cool in there. Not just because there were still original seats and amazing memories from the landmark, but because this was like the mecca of all grocery stores. It honestly was more like a gourmet food market. I mean, they had mushrooms that cost $250.00 per serving, and a sushi bar, and a bakery and it was wild.

Other things that happened while I was downtown:
* I saw a guy fall off of his unicycle and laughed (why are you unicycling in downtown Toronto dude?)
* I gave a homeless man money and he asked me for more (rudeee)
* I bought this:

Isn't it beauttiiffuull?

Now I'm sitting in bed watching Netflix and knitting.

Pretty solid day if I do say so myself.


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