Monday, 3 March 2014

Decisions, Decisions

Things are beyond crazy over here.

We recently had a huge decision fall into our lap over at the apartment. Kristina will be leaving for the summer to go to B.C so she asked Erika and I what we want to do about the apartment. Do we want her to sublet her room or do we want to see if we can end our lease early?

We told her to ask about ending our lease early and then all of a sudden it was all happening. Our landlord agreed, she put the apartment online and she has people coming to view it tomorrow. We're actually still deciding what we want and she's already thinking we're done.

The worst part is that Erika is in Florida right now…oh and we're both flip-flopping.

I think I know what I want…but our decisions effect each other. I'm giving her time to think because she needs to have a feeling one way or another. I don't want her to make a decision and regret it. I know we're both feeling a lot of emotions right now, and we don't want to make a decision that we will later regret and we both are looking at the other one wondering what's best.

We have until Monday. 7 more days and we have to be decided.

It's really hard but the decision will come. I know that whatever decision we make that I will look forward and make it positive.

Also- I'm feeling a very lonely and lethargic feeling right now. I spent literally ALL afternoon doing nothing. Lying on the couch and watching American Horror Story and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

To balance this out I'm going to take myself downtown tomorrow afternoon. I just heard that The Worlds Biggest Bookstore is closing this month! I'm going to go explore it for my first, and probably last time.

Hopefully a trip out will make me feel better.

Until then, I've got decisions on my mind.


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