Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Obsessing over: Anthropologie. Oh my good lord, it has to be the most beautiful store of all the stores in the land! I got to go in one yesterday in Toronto and spent so long just staring at all of their housewares. I got the beautiful mug above there. I wish my entire kitchen was made up of Anthropologie glassware. Anyone have a about $500.00 they want to donate?

Working on: packing. So far the process has only taken place in my head (bad girl) but I'm dreading it. It's so hard to choose what to pack. I always overpack, forget something and end up wishing I'd brought something I decided wasn't necessary. I have serious anxiety about being away and hating all of my clothes. So unimportant but clothes are how we start our day and I like to start my day off loving my outfit.

Thinking about:  John Green. Oh man I've heard such great things about his books. I bought "Looking for Alaska" yesterday and already have "The Fault in Our Stars" for vacation. I know I'll probably motor through them while lying in the sun. I just can't wait to crack the first one open. Book nerd extrordinaire over her.

Feeling: mucho sleepy-o. Today is my last day of work before vacation and it was almost impossible to get my butt out of bed. I just want to SLEEP and be with my friends before I leave. Torture!

Wanting: for my recent motivation to continue. I've been such a gym rat this week. Satruday I did intervals first thing after I woke up. Monday at 11PM Erika, her sister and I went to the gym and hiked up our interval workout. It was SO hard but it felt AMAZE. Yesterday we shopped ALL DAY and I literally walked around for 5 hours straight. Oooo cardio. If that wasn't enough after we got home Erika and I went to the body pump class. We are dedicated little bitties. Hope this keeps up during vacation! Does anyone else find that they always bring workout clothes on vacation and then never use them. Me too. Goal is to not do that this time and actually kill it fitness wise! Cross your fingers

Wishing for: the world NOT to end on Friday. I need this vacation so let's just skirt this little Mayan calendar issue under the rug and continue on with humanity, okay? Awesome.
Happy Wednesday!


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