Monday, 10 December 2012

Festive Days

Yet another weekend has passed and we are stuck in yet another Monday. Poo poo.

This weekend was spent shopping, playing, but mostly studying. Friday night I spent the ENTIRE night studying. Of course I was watching Sex & the City while doing so but I did get a lot of my take home exam done. It was actually kind of nice to just sit around, work and hang out in my pajamas. Next time let's try it WITHOUT the exam!

Saturday I woke up early to go and workout with Erika. Man oh man, it was hard but then I was invigorated and ready to get back to my exam. I spent the afternoon working on the essay section and got it done! Woot woot. That night Erika, Shauna and I did our gift exchange. We always team up to get eachother gift. Erika and I got Shauna a gorgeous bag, an infinity scarf and a ring from Aldo. Shauna and I got Erika a bust you can see above, I had a fun time wrapping it, and a Ralph Lauren throw. They got me the beautiful outfit from PINK that you see above and hair chalk. I plan on wearing this outfit from now until the end of exams. Deal with it.

Yesterday I went to church with my mom and stepdad and then we all met the family for brunch. After that I went shopping with my sister. Only two gifts left to get and they're gift cards. Yay! I hung out with Jordan for the evening and tried to start studying for my exam (which is tomorrow) but could not bring myself to (lazy me!).

Today I am working until 3:30 (boo) and then must go home to promtly hit the books for my exam tomorrow (double boo). After tomorrow I have a take-home due Friday, an essay due the 18th and then I can FINALLY relax before we leave for our cruise on the 21st!!! MAN...only 10 days away!

Happy Monday y'all.



  1. You're nails in that first picture are so cute!

    1. Thanks! Just a little nail sticker. So easy!