Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Obsessing over: vacation. vacation. vacation. All I want to do is get my butt on that giant cruise ship, work on my tan and spend the days lounging around and reading good books. Heaven!

Working on: My take-home exam. BOO! This little baby is due Friday and by the end of it will feature 9 pages of my best bullshitting. Isn't that what all school work is about? Then I have a 10 page paper due Tuesday. Guys. So much work left. Why!? 

Thinking about:  how much of a bad idea it is so buy a book before you can read it. I bought "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green this weekend for the cruise and it's been SO hard not to crack it open. Has anyone read this book? I've heard such great things. Can't wait.

Feeling: so very cozy. I'm lounging around in my tights and a nice knitted sweater, sitting on the couch in front of a beautiful fire. If I'm gonna have to do school work, this is where I'd like to do it.

Listening to: True Blood. Ahhh how I love this show. Sooki Stackhouse is amaze and HBO really knows how to make a good show. Season one reminds me so much of first year of university when I was at Carleton and my friends recommended it to me. I would stay up until 4am every night watching episode after episode and then screaming about it all the next day to them. Definitely one of my favourite shows!

Wishing for: a little more snow before I jet off to warmer plains. It snowed yesterday and it's stuck a bit but  I want it whiter! It got me really in the spirit. I even put some carols on the radio. OHHHH XMAS.

Happy Wednesday!


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