Wednesday, 5 December 2012


*am I a foodie yet?*

Obsessing over: the Vistoria's Secret Fashion show. I've basically spent all morning looking at pictures from the show. Oh man those are some beautiful women and it's so fun to watch them walk and check out their outfits. Such a fun show! Unfortunately I missed 40 minutes of it because I FORGOT so I am playing catch up today.

Working on: finding my motivation. Yesterday was a day of lazing around and enjoying my last moments of freedom before crunch time. We are now in crunch time. I have a take home exam due Sunday, an exam on Tuesday, another take home due Friday and an essay due the following Tuesday. Luckily they are a bit spread out so I can focus on one at a time but I do need to get my butt in gear, as usual.

Thinking about:  vacation. Boy oh, boy it's only 16 days away. That's what gets me through this time of stressing over school and buying xmas gifts. I cannot wait to be on a big old cruise ship soaking up the sun. December 21st, you can't come soon enough (unless you are the end of the world. In that case...AH!)

Feeling: so much motivation lately (fitness wise...not school wise, of course!) I don't know if it's my impending vacation or procrastination or just the amazing feeling I get when I know I've worked out but I've been killing it lately. Interval run on Saturday, 6am weights class on Monday and illeptical and inverval run last night. Killer. Today I think I'll take the day off and then get back to it for Body Attack tomorrow (aka the hardest class ever).

Wishing for: my She & Him Christmas record to just get here already! I ordered it last month and it's taking forever. I WANT IT! (Preferably before Christmas thankyouverymuch!)

Happy Wednesday!


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