Thursday, 13 February 2014

Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day. Not for any particular reason, but it just feels good. Even when I was doing mundane things like sitting on the bus, I noticed little things that made me feel happy.

I worked my editing job until two and then lazed around for an hour while I waited to call in at 3 to see if I had to work my retail job tonight. And I didn't! Yay. So I got ready and headed out for an afternoon date with myself.

I needed to get some new books to read (I read TWO in Punta Cana) and wanted to take myself to dinner at Panera. I strolled through the mall on the way to Chapters and ended up buying a few things. I also bought a couple books at Chapters.

Here's my haul:

I got 12 Years a Slave By Solomon Northrup and Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut. I think I'll read Kurt's first. I've heard good things. I'm really excited about my new iPhone case. It was only $12. Score. My favourite find is my purse. I've been dying to find one like the one Marnie has been carrying around on GIRLS but hers is $450 so that was a big no. Mine was $30 and the closest I've come across so I'm happy! Thanks Forever 21!

By the time I was done I had kind of blew my budget for the day (whoops) and it was still kind of early so I decided to just go home. I stopped at the grocery store on the way for milk and jam and they had frozen pizza for $3. And it was the fancy kind! I told you think was a good day.

Now I've got the whole night ahead of me to do whatever I want. AND I don't have to work until tomorrow afternoon so I can stay up late. Ahh the good life.

Here's to the little things!


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