Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Obsession Tuesday

Yes…I made up the idea of Obsession Tuesday just now. And no…I may never repeat this but I am obsessed with something right now and I have to share with you.

This weekend I watched The White Striped documentary Under the Great White Northern Lights.

It follows them on their amazing Canadian tour in 2007. A live cd also came from this tour. I bought the cd a few years ago and I was in love with it. So amazing. I finally got around to watching this documentary and my obsession continues.

They are just such an amazing band. I love all of their music but I also just love Meg and Jack. They're just so damn cool. And there so many different things that other bands don't that keeps them creative and totally inspiring. During this tour they played tons of free shows that they would tell people about hours or even minutes before. They played everywhere from bowling alleys, to parking lots, to schools, and even on a boat with the crowd sitting on the beach. They also don't have a set list during their shows which means they make up all up as they go along. That means that every show is completely different and fresh for them and everyone else. They are just true musicians and I can't say enough good stuff about them.

And did I mention that they are just so damn cool?

I wouldn't really recommend this documentary unless you're a pretty big fan. It had a lot of stuff that I loved but I think that might have just been because I love them. But you should love them too so give it a try! It's reallllyyy good.

My favourite part was just learning more about Meg and Jack. They seem to be pretty private so it was really interesting.

Now if you'll go excuse me, I'm off to go watch tons of youtube videos of them in interviews pre-band breakup.

Happy Tuesday!


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